Dunlop Ultimate GTS


  • $18900

Racquet used by Marwan El Shorgaby

Now featuring a new frame geometry, reduced drag, faster head speed and MORE POWER.

Engineered with the latest GTS technologies including:

CXMax Technology

The streamlined aerodynamic profile with concave internal cross section at the top of the hoop provides superior aerodynamics and increased main string length. This powerful fusion increases the sweet spot size and moves it closer to the tip of the racket to deliver increased elastic power enhanced by faster racket head speed for unstoppable shot speed.

Hybrid Cross section

Hybrid power properties of an oval cross section in the head with the stability and comfort of a box section in the shaft portion of the racket helps provide more power than previous models without loss of control.


Pocketed grommets and a more aerodynamic cross section in the racket hoop make the new geometries more aerodynamic than previous models helping to increase racket head speed.

Tapered Shaft

The conical tapered shaft delivers outstanding racket resilience and enhances overall racket stiffness. This powerful combination gives the shaft greater energy return on impact for increased whipping power.

Head Size:

Frame Weight 132g
Balance: Head Light
Strings: Dunlop Silk 17G Black
Power: 9

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