Black Knight Ion Cannon Red

Black Knight Ion Cannon Red

Black Knight

  • $13500
  • Save $5500

Want a racquet that can drive squash balls with explosive power yet is light and maneuverable? The Ion cannon is the racquet for you. As with all Ion series frames this model uses the Nano Crystalline Technology (NCT) which is an additive incorporated into the Xtreme Modulus Graphite (XMG) fibres that not only help reduce vibration but bind the fibres for added durability. The 130g racquet is weighted slightly to the head for a more solid hit and is stiff enough for doubles play. Strung with Ashaway Supernick XL Ti for better performance and Black Knights Rad Cushion grip for superior grip control.

String: SuperNick TI

String Tension: 25-29 lbs

Rigidity (RF): 92

AFW: 130g

DW: 135

Balance: Head heavy

Area: 500

Speed: 9.1

Power: 9.4

Control: 8.9 

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