Tecnifibre Slash 120


  • $24995


Designed for the new squash superstar, Mostafa Asal, the SLASH range breaks the mould of traditional rackets with “open core” ergonomics, a new construction that maximizes power and an exceptional look.
All the rackets in the range are equipped with X-TOP revolution. No bumper, 100% performance, a completely new racket head construction where the bumper has been replaced by a combination of active fibres for maximum resistance, speed and playability. The plastic bumper has been replaced by a mix of aramid fibres, the most impact-resistant material, and a PTFE treatment to improve slide and protect the frame against abrasion from the floor or walls. Without the bumper, the racket becomes much smoother and penetrates the air better for maximum swing speed and power. With the plastic replaced by this material, there are more fibres in the racket for greater responsiveness and less vibration for greater comfort.

Designed for Mostafa and athletic players, the SLASH 120 squash racket is the lightest and most control-oriented racket in the range.
Extremely light, with a frame weight of 120g, it's the ultimate in maneuverability for maximum swing speed and power.

To counterbalance this, the YOKE CONTROL TECHNOLOGY construction allows you to master the power of your shots and control the impact: 470 cm² round head for precision and forgiveness, wide open core with internal reinforcements for greater stability on impact and a thin 261 mm² shaft for maximum control.

Pre-strung in 305 green, the benchmark for the squash market, and Tecnifibre's most elastic string for the best compromise between power and comfort.

Innovation like this calls for an exceptional design. A sleek white base and X-TOP in light grey for pure elegance. From a colour point of view, a strong choice with fluorescent green in a graphic weave. The TF logo has been "slashed" by Mostafa to blend in with the Tecnifibre lettering and the racket frame.

The epitome of elegance and modernity.

  • The lightest
  • X-TOP revolution
  • The most control
  • Strung in 305 green
  • The epitome of elegance and modernity


Material Graphite
Head size 461cm² / 71in²
Weight 120g / 4,2oz
Balance 352mm
Length 68,5cm
Stringing pattern 14x18
Stringing presence Yes
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